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It is so nice now

I'm sure even if i could perfectly verbalize it others would be like huh?? There's nothing nice about that.

It's nothing new to me, that there's a chasm a divide between what's personally ideal and what is generally considered fine.

The audio now is a haunting dualistic blend of Arvo and some horror music mix, Arvo is slightly louder, being the prominent vibe of listless wanderings through the memories which scenically depict fantasy trope settings, and a childhood in run down settings with faded pink wallpaper peeling off the scummy walls, and debris scattered across the floor.

It's easier to paint the picture than to deliver the meat and potatoes, which is a swirling vortex of thoughts, ideas, situations, the million plus ways to perceive the million plus things thought about, and for it to be blended in a sombre relaxing way, is that you're in the zone.

You just want to exist in this zone as long as you can, it's even better when you're asleep.

Of slowly rotating in a multidimensional space without gravity, being eternal and floating in space, all the works of literature, films and shows playing curatedly in the mind, mourning the life forms that are in loops ... but is it a loop, is it not withering, and dying? Yes it is, but it could also be just a phase your focusing on, the sad part of life, the sadness is the lyrical part that calls to me more than anything else. And the rest is for when you're actively and physically doing things, which i don't tend to do, the sun shiny summer of life is irritating when you're just sitting around wishing for inspiration.

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