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What is your most prevalent mood in life? The one your live most of your days basking in?

Happiness? Joy? Anxiety? Anger? Melancholic? Something else entirely? Are you happy with it?
nedkelly · M
Worried, I worry about my children and grandkids every single day
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
@nedkelly I worry for mine as well, but I empathize with your need to know they are alright, all the time. Hugs to you.
Fairydust · F
Grateful 🥰✨
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
@Fairydust Love this.
Fairydust · F

I have sad days, happy days, stressful days, crazy days, amazing days but I’m always grateful to be having a day 💝 no matter what life brings ✨
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
@Fairydust 💖
JustNik · 46-50, F
I just walk around feeling raw all the time. Not necessarily in a bad way. There’s more love and wonder and a desperate sort of gratitude for my time than anything, but they all walk hand in hand with worry and despair so it’s hard to say what I feel or what my mood is anymore. I just try to keep it in perspective.
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
@JustNik Believe it or not, I feel every bit of this. I'm sorry. For us both.
Adogslife · 61-69, M
Happiness or calm. What I do I do with relative intensity, but my demeanor is generally very calm - from the inside out.
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
@Adogslife I would have guessed that - good for you. The world would be a better place is we all were like that.
Adogslife · 61-69, M
@LadyBronte I’m a good friend because I balance others off. Water finds its level in relationships too, and at work as well.

Calmness helps with the trust of others too.
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
@Adogslife I have to agree. 💚
BreezeyBree2 · 56-60
Optimistic, happy... finding something good, looking for good news, etc...
I'm quite happy with it since I direct my mood... I don't let things keep me down for long.
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
@BreezeyBree2 Good for you. I used to be that way. But this last thing has knocked me for a loop. Haven't found a way to shake free of it.
Justmeraeagain · 51-55, F
Melancholy... No don't like it.

I try to find reasons to hope.
I try to change the dialogue in my head
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
@Justmeraeagain Man do I get this, Rae. Good luck. I hope we both find our respective ways.
Justmeraeagain · 51-55, F
@LadyBronte ❤️🌹
Wol62 · 51-55, M
I try to stay happy all the time, how about yourself?
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
@Wol62 Good for you! Mostly blue these days. Maybe the sun will find me again someday.
Wol62 · 51-55, M
@LadyBronte Oh no, sure hope so too.
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
@Wol62 Thanks.
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
@Chernobylplaygrounds Good for you. Often a difficult task to change thoughts midstream.
@LadyBronte it can be ..but I get there in the end
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
@Chernobylplaygrounds That's all that matters!
PepsiColaP · 22-25, F
Melancholy for what has been and what will never be
Happiness for what is, what could be
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
@PepsiColaP I understand.
4thdimensiondream · 61-69, M
Amazement! So much to do but not enough time to do it all.
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
@4thdimensiondream Nice to feel that way.
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
@CrazyMusicLover I can understand that these days.
@LadyBronte I feel like it's been in me all my life and it's internal. It's like my brain points out the most irrelevant sensations and blows them out of proportion. Right now my skin is itching veeeery slightly and it drives me insane.
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
@CrazyMusicLover Im sorry. I hope you can find a way to get a handle on it and find some peace with it.
Patientlywaiting · 41-45, F
Anxiety Vs calm and contentment.
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
@Patientlywaiting Hopefully calm/contentment is the majority.
Coldplay · 56-60, M

I have no choice.
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
@Coldplay 1

I get it!
Isthisit · F
Anxiety mostly
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
@Isthisit I think that is one more people than we realize deal with.
LilPrincess · 41-45, F
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
basilfawlty89 · 31-35, M
Honestly? Neutral.
With a slight hint of anxiety during the day.
But on the whole I feel in a blank state, with some optimism. Cautious optimism though.
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
@basilfawlty89 Not a bad way to be.
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
Happy. I am a glass half full person. I don't live a fancy life, but for the most part I am happy.
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
@Stereoguy I am glad of that.

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