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If someone is actively ignoring you

And you have alot of history with them but long story short bc of a fight between mutual people he has turned his back to you without hearing your side, despite everything you two did (late calls, photos, gaming sessions, movie nights, etc) & despite having feelings for each other previously, would you type a long goodbye message or just block & move on?

I cried alot, and it took alot for me to accept my foolishness for only wanting to see the mask he wore so well. I still want to say goodbye & wish him well. Its not an attempt to reel him in, but closure that I've said everything I needed to (or maybe thats too selfish of me) but idk if that makes me look desperate after 4 previous attempts in a months span of trying to talk to him to get him to hear me out馃様馃挃
Don't go to him to say anything. Just ignore him. If a person does this to you then it's the time to move on and don't look back. I have been through what you are feeling RN but trust me people don't deserve it. Be happy and find good friends. 馃
SarithBorn18-21, M
I get the need for closure it really helps with moving on. Sometimes we need to accept that some people really have no interest in hashing things out, its painful but its just life sometimes. 馃槙
akindheart61-69, F
as hard as this is to accept, please move on. don't explain. sounds like he isn't open to listening. it is leaving you in a mental conflict
I recently had to dismiss someone from my life over a story that is somewhat similar...decided when conversations ended, came and went as they pleased, the fallout over another friendship....
Give up on closure because it doesn't help in the least. Just let it go. That's all you can do. It's called self respect and I wish I'd have done it much sooner. 馃尫
wildbill8336-40, M
If friendship is that fickle to them, then they were never a true friend to begin with; fuck em. I'd rather have a handful of loyal friends that would have my back in a fight and/or help me dispose of a body than a hundred "conditional" friends whose loyalty only extends as far as their own self interest...
If you know they are deliberately ignoring just for spite, playing head games and being stubborn, do them a favor. Make it easier for them to ignore you, and block.
I refer to it as the "block of benevolence".
TeirdalinFirefall26-30, M

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