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Irritated that my family pats themselves on the back for all my accomplishments

I know I shouldn’t care, but they get under my skin. I come from a cornucopia of abuse and neglect. It was definitely a ‘ fend for yourself’ upbringing, which.. thankfully I did/do.

Yet with every bit of progress I made/make they are proud —- of themselves

As if my ability to survive/overcome is a success story of their parenting. 😑 It’s a little insulting.
Pity them. Your accomplishments may be all they have to feel pride at all. That’s kind of bleak when you think about it. You and anybody who truly knows you, knows the truth. Allow them their little feeling of pride.
WhateverWorks · 36-40
Yeah, I live so far away that it’s mostly inconsequential. I remember once my stepmother reminisced that she perceived me as a small child as a feral cat 😑. Sigh.. just reminding myself why I moved away as soon as I could lol @DarkHeaven
@WhateverWorks 💯 🖤🤗
They can try and take credit all they want, but it won't change the truth and the fact you made yourself the amazing person you are today 💙

I'm sorry they do that though. 😔
WhateverWorks · 36-40
The living 3000 miles away from all of them helps immensely lol @caccoon
@WhateverWorks I would imagine it does 💙 We can make our own healthy connections 😊
Mindfulness · 51-55
They should be proud of themselves, they're related to someone as incredible as you.
Let them have their self praise.
You know your worth. 🙏❤
WhateverWorks · 36-40
[quote]They should be proud of themselves, they're related to someone as incredible as you. [/quote]
This made me laugh out loud 🤭🤗
This is kinda a micro example of how nationalism works.

Let them pat themselves on the back. You know who the real star is 💪
Just curious, and doesn't have to reflect anything, are you the youngest? I swear my family does this with me and I swear it's because I'm the youngest?
WhateverWorks · 36-40
No, I am the oldest, but I’m also the only child from my father’s first failed marriage, so to speak. @thewindupbirdchronicles
@WhateverWorks So it may not relate or reflect... but commonly the youngest is looked upon as the least responsible, so I thought it worth asking, as one never knows.
WhateverWorks · 36-40
No, in my case I just wasn’t raising myself properly lol they disapproved of how their dreadful parenting wasn’t producing a pillar of suburban success. It was also my task to make up for the proverbial sins of my mother. @thewindupbirdchronicles
keeper · 41-45, M
That's a little effed up.

But would be disappointed with you if you crashed and burned 🤔
WhateverWorks · 36-40
Constantly.. ugh. The only reason I’m not considered the black sheep anymore is because unfortunately one of my siblings started making some pretty self-destructive choices that became undeniably problematic for them. @keeper

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