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Women are not to be Labeled or Controlled

They are a treasure to be celebrated in all of their complexities.

I've always found women to be the stronger sex of the human species.
And though I do selfishly enjoy women with the particular body type that I prefer, I have never judged a woman by her outward appearance.
I've found all types to be sexy, smart, engaging, or entertaining.
I've also felt bad for women on the whole.
For far too long they have lived under the thumb of Man in relation to our species and history.
They have far more to offer than body types or social statuses.
And like Billie Eilish, I think that We, as Men, have done them a disservice over the course of our humanity's history.
They are far more than the objects of our desires, or the keeper's of our home fronts.
There are supposedly overweight women that are undeniably "sexy"!
There are supposedly "sexy" women that are talented and smart !
Stop trying to control them.
Stop trying to typecast them into the roles that you see fit for them.
Recognize their greatness and contributions to society.
Thank them for those things and then take 3 steps back and let them show us what the world should and could be !
If you're a guy and you're not feeling this ---
You're an asshole of the 21st century......
And..., Much like Billie Eilish, I believe that your expectations and wants mean very little and IS NOT THEIR RESPONIBILITY !

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HikingMan · 51-55, M
I'm not exactly sure what "SIMP" means or pertains to.
Though I guess it's some kind of connotation that I am here looking for female attentions..?
That is incorrect as the word incorrect can spell out with a single word !

I appreciate the women in my life, that affect my world, and it is my true hope that not a single one of you underestimate your worth.

I am happily married since 2003, and my first date with my wife took place on October 16th, 1991. It's my hope that everyone looking finds someone that they can be so content with.

And...,no matter what you face as a woman in today's world, I hope that you see your worth and do not let others take advantage of you according to their views on how you should be, act, or look.

Be well
Live happy
Die trying,
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