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I hope we see Corona free world soon..


they dont always happen when you ask,

and its easy to give in to your fear,

but when youre blinded by your pain,

can't see your way safe through the rain,

thought of still resilient voice,

says love is very near...

there can be miracles when you believe,

though hope is frail , its hard to kill..

who knows what miracle you can achieve..

you can achieve..

when you believe..

some how you will..

now you will..

you will... when you believe...
BlueVeins · 22-25
Miracles happen when very intelligent and educated people work tirelessly for months to make them happen. 👩‍⚕️👨‍🔬 We will have a COVID-19-free world, and we'll get there the way we got to a smallpox-free world.
ThePerfectUsername · 70-79, M
Covid-19 is a strain of coronavirus.
The common cold is also a strain of coronavirus.

Why on earth would you expect them to be able to rid the world of one when they haven't been able to do the same for the other?
BlueVeins · 22-25
@ThePerfectUsername Coronaviruses are an entire family of diseases; they're similar, but not that similar. The experts have been saying we'll have a vaccine within about a year; they're probably not talking out their asses.
ThePerfectUsername · 70-79, M
Being able to have a vaccine isn't the same thing as having a COVID-19-free world though is it.

We've had a flu vaccine for years, but this season alone the CDC estimates that, as of mid-March, between 29,000 and 59,000 have died due to influenza. Add to that the misery of hundreds of thousands of flu-related hospitalizations and millions of medical visits for flu symptoms this season alone and it's a far cry from an influenza-free world.

IMO Covid-19 is here to stay. @BlueVeins
Slickmel · 56-60, M
DevilCalling · 22-25, M
Miracle will happen definitely it will but we have to do our karma to reestablish peace again and absorb pain of each other in this situation!
I'm praying for it.
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
Amen 🙏 God is awesome!

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