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What's the meaning of it all ?

I mean, all of sudden we find ourselves alive, in this World with no instruction manual, and we are guided by these people that are called our family, and we didn't choose any of them, and we need to trust them with our life !! WTF !! then we are told this is your life , go out into the World and make your way !! and we didn't ask for any of it !! So, what the heck is the meaning of it all ? WHY ???? Its a crazy Journey
rckt148 · 61-69, M
Well crap ,,if you haven't figured it out at 60
don't worry about it
you made it this far
Keep doing it
We are both closer to the end then it has been
Like asking doctors to do whatever the can to fix my back as good as they can
get me out of pain so I can go back to work again
but they are not going to waste any more time and resources on me
So do the best I can with what I have
But I can guide the young people in my life around my mistakes
and at least help them to be more successful them I was
But I hope you're joking ,haven't got that old just fumbling through
I have had to fight every step of the way
but my family makes it all worth it
I helped them to be more successful at an earlier age
Now days its harder to be a home owner
all my kids own homes and the oldest is only 41
now their lives can be easier ,spend more time with their kids
take trips and see the world (which they do often )
Enjoy the fruits of their labors
And when I can no longer go ,,as I looked out for my elders
they will look after me ,and see I have quality of life until I pass
Hoping I set enough good examples ,it carries them through when I'm gone
rckt148 · 61-69, M
[@480200,scorpio500] well I have been successful 3 times and 2 divorces and then becoming crippled and fighting my way back ,I hope I have learned at least how not to loose what I have left ,
In the shape i'm in with 12 bad discs ,I'm not able to start over and do it again and the time I have invested in others ,some of it was a waste of valuable time I didn't have to waste ,but even that experience had a lesson in it ,not to waste my time carrying people that have no desire to help themselves ,years later they are still living off of others and still have no clue how precious the time I could have used to help myself or someone else is ,,but one thing is certain ,if you don't die young ,we all get old
When it hurts them just to walk to the bathroom and you would rather go without eating then deal with the pain to cook for yourself
Then they will now
But I am not sure users ever learn ,they just skate through life oblivious
I hope you're question is a joke just to see what others say it means
and I didn't describe you too ,,
That would be such a waste to be you're age ,and never figured anything out
scorpio500 · 61-69, M
[@9499,rckt148] actually, i have figured out a lot, but its always interesting to prompt people to stop and think about life a bit, rather then just drifting along, life is an amazing journey, but reflection is important, learn things along the way, and try to grasp the higher meaning of it all, ive become very spiritual , not in a religious sense, because i think religion is just believing in someone elses experience but Spirituality is having your own personally meaningful experience, and ive learned that kindness, compassion and reverance for life is key, lend the helping hand, offer the kind word and show the World a better way, we all can't change the World but we all can try to make our little part of the World a bit better before we leave it, thanks again for adding your thoughts to the conversation
rckt148 · 61-69, M
[@480200,scorpio500] I knew you had done more with life then you pretended ,
let me apologize "I assumed " would be more true
I have had visions ,an experience I know now as the night Christ actually came to dwell in me ,,I am the least religious Christian you will meet
I am not following the doctrines of any religion ,Christ said he didn't want me learning any more traditions of men ,to learn from Him and He would teach me things hard for others to understand ,you need to be born again or its none sense to a carnal mind ,but He would provide all I need ,give me back my family and save them too ,all I had to do was put Him first ,
Be the example to my family ,when people see us ,they see a reflection of Him
I remind them often ,you represent me ,,but even more then that ,we represent Him ,,not a religion ,Him ,
I won't argue doctrine ,I share a message ,,I am willing to try to explain it
but its not my job to make them like it ,,its just my job to attempt to share it ,,they can't say no one warned them
I am often schooled with the same scripture I used to teach and preach that Christ said I was not serving Him ,I was opposing Him most of my beliefs were based on lies brought into the church by a liar ,who claimed God spoke to him and he became Christian ,,but he turned the few Christians of the day into pagans ,not the pagans into Christians ,and all their holy days they cherish are all pagan too ,they worship the Sun ,not Him
The more I try to live like He lived ,the more He changes me
I am far from perfect Brother ,but I am a lot better man then when I called myself a preacher ,and all 10 of my family members serve him too
and 2 of the 3 son in laws ,,He healed my Daughter who was crippled
He enables me to walk when my Doctors ask me HOW ?
You blessed me so much with this response ,sorry if my previous one sounded unkind ,,I do believe sadly ,there are men our age now days
who are not as wise as a child like my son ,they are just drifting through life ,leading babes to stumble ,mocking all that is Holy
assuming themselves wise ,but they have became fools ,a fool says in his heart ,there is no God ,I am a god unto myself ,I weep for them
curiosi · 56-60, F
Seek within to find the answers you seek. All are on their own journey and can't not tell of our journey.
FloorGenAdm · 46-50, M
Budwick · 70-79, M
You are at a peculiar age to be asking these questions.
scorpio500 · 61-69, M
[@Budwick well, not really, now that ive had some experience, it still doesn't make any sense !! in fact , less sense - lol -
SW User
scorpio500 · 61-69, M
[@999470,x1x1x] it can be , but only if you take stuff seriously
SW User
[@480200,scorpio500] what I did didn't take me as anything so in the world will be cast as a sheep among wolves
Tres13 · 51-55, M
scorpio500 · 61-69, M
[@476434,Tres13] - i keep asking Google and i keep getting a blank stare back
pentacorn · F
thrown into the world, like it or not, yep.

existential angst; it's a bitter-ass pill. better get you some honey.
scorpio500 · 61-69, M
[@664411,pentacorn] better to go through life at a low level of consciousness and just not worry about the meaning of anything - lol
pentacorn · F
[@480200,scorpio500] it's an option, thank fuck.
JoeyFoxx · 51-55, M

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