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There is no such thing as "too late in life ".

Life is certainly what you make it. If you find this season in your life looking blank, reinvent yourself. I've done it many a time. Try something new. Anything to keep your mind off your troubles. It may take a book to spark your imagination, or lighten your load and take you to a different place, with new possibilities you've never thought of before. Make it a book that gives a positive message and lifts your spirits.

Perhaps you might want to buy a watercolor kit and try your hand at that. You may be surprised how you can express yourself in such lovely ways. You may really enjoy that, and it is cheap to start up. Or you may want to start your own business, like I did. You can start on a dime. When you make up your mind to do something, there's really nothing to stop you but yourself, if you are creative.

One day I decided to start a taxi service. I just put an ad in the paper and people started calling me. That's all it cost ad. You are allowed so many days to try your business out before you get your license. I had so much fun with it. I called it "Dial-A-Ride".

I've seen young men start their own business, be their own boss, just by buying a cheap truck to start out and hauling things for people and they really did well. It was something they could be proud of, their own business. For the ladies who love to sew, they can start a business repairing clothes for people or even sewing an outfit for them.

I like to paint in acrylics, so sometimes I do that. There are so many things one can do. There is no limit when you dream. Think of something you love and then do it. Perhaps you would love to write a book about your life. Maybe you love cutting hair and could start a business from your home. That would be so lovely.

Start a project. If it falls through, think of another way to do it. Einstein always stuck with his inventions till he got them to work. It may have taken him 556 times to try it, but that he did... a different way each time, until he succeeded. It's not how many times you fail. It's how many times you get up and do it again until you get it right, even if it takes a different way. You will [i]find[/i] a way, if you keep trying. Sometimes our gift is right under our nose. Perhaps you have a lovely voice that you could develop, and sing for people in church, nursing homes, or at weddings. I've done all three. Maybe you are great at drawing and could develop that. Buy a guitar or harmonica at a yard sale, and teach yourself to play. It's fun!

Perhaps your gift is reading to disabled children or adults. Visit a hospital and talk to the children that are lonely there. Perhaps bring them a teddy-bear or a doll. There are so many things you can think of, if you put your mind to it. Call another friend who may be lonely and would really appreciate hearing from you. Perhaps you are a great cook and could make a meal for someone you know is ill at home. Invent a new cookie recipe and get a patent for it.

Determine to make a new exercise routine and get out everyday in the fresh air and talk to other people who may be lonely like you. Goals always help improve mood. Life is precious, and a gift, when you think about it. Try not to waste it. Instead of complaining, laugh about it and see how silly you feel for feeling sorry for yourself. Then do something creative. Dare to dream!
This is beautiful. I think I really needed to read this today. Thank you. 馃枻
@LadyGrace I remembered it because of what you wrote above.
I thank you. 馃枻
@DarkHeaven Look how many people on here that you have blessed, just because of what you shared. I think that is really beautiful . You never know who may have needed that. 鉂 I know I'll keep it. I really appreciate it.
@LadyGrace Beautiful 馃枻
Davidarendale036-40, M
Yes. People get to the doctor too late all the time.
@Davidarendale0 That is true. Some do not take care of themselves. But I'm talking about living life to the fullest. When one is able , yet is sitting around wasting their life.
Awesome 鈽猴笍
@SW-User Thank you.

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