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Women what is your honest opinion on women who don't want kids?

I've had women treat me like im inferior and look down on me for it, so I'd like to hear some thoughts
NorthernRoses · 22-25, F
Yo man the world is heading straight to overpopulation anyways, why judge people for not wanting to add to the mess

Anyway, people disregard that if you're not 100% ready and up for having kids you're almost certainly going to have a bad time, and might even regret it. Kids are exhausting to have in their younger years.
Nat15 · F
If they don't want kids, that's their choice.

I'm really unsure about whether I want kids or not :/
BigBen · 61-69, M
I'm not certain if a man's thoughts on this are welcome, but... I think knowing what you want to do with your body is your business and you should be respected for being responsible and honest about it.

That said, experience has shown me that things change with time. Not that I'm suggesting it will for you. I have known women who went through life never having kids and perfectly happy with that decision. I have also known a couple women who were adamant about never wanting children and circumstances changed that for them and they did and they fell in love with their kids in ways only mothers can truly understand. They still don't like other peoples kids, but they are fiercely protective mothers for their own. And, I've known a couple people who didn't want children and regretted that choice later in life when it was too late.

Good on you for thinking it through and knowing your heart.
HeavenBesideYou · 56-60, F
My honest opinion is if you don't want kids, or are not 100% sure you do want kids, then you shouldn't have any.

One of my best friends of many years never wanted or had any children. She said people always said she would be sorry later if she didn't. We're in our 50's now, and she isn't sorry yet...
meJess · F
Better not to have than to have and treat badly
Bean17 · 46-50, F
My honest opinion is that it’s each woman’s individual choice. And that if she doesn’t want kids, the last thing she should do is have them!
walabby · 61-69, M
The world is already over populated. If you don't want kids then that's just fine with me... :) If you do then that's also just fine.. ;)
It's not for everyone. I have several female cousins who never married or had kids.
Hasmita · M
It's very hard work but also don't judge those who want to have lots.
Cowboybob · M
Everyone gets to make that choice for herself

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