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Does anyone hates Christmas new year or birthdays because these days just make u feel lonier?

cuz yes i hate these days
Just rise and shine like Phoenix bird...
@WorldsForgottenBoy well its difficult to rise and shine when ur brother is out with ur friends and ur younger sister with her own friends and mom and dad are resting. and they are the only people u got
iQuit · F
I eliminate hate from my vocab
Too many negatives can only bring you down

Plus in it all it's mind over matter
Just because you are alone it does not mean you have to be lovely
There will be another day to embrace and a fellow remnant trace of what joy was, may also come to be again if only we turn the page and try again
I’m sorry you hate them. Do you not have family to share these days with?
@MissMollyCharlotte0702 well i have but i wish my unclees aunts and cousins were also with us here cuz i see my father mother brother and sister wholw year but with cousins its different and merrier
OtuLight · 26-30, M
I don't hate them but it always brings me painful reminder.
@OtuLight i am sorry for whatever happened
OtuLight · 26-30, M

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