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How Stupid Do You Have To Be?

To believe that, at six weeks of pregnancy, the fetus has a heart, and a heart beat.

At 6 weeks, an ultrasound can detect flutter in the area that will [i]become[/i] the future heart. The flutter is a side effect of the group of cells, that's the nucleus of a future heart, start firing electrical signals. But that's not a heartbeat.
The not so new tactics they’re taking now:

Incarcerating and possibly even [b]executing[/b] women who have ever had abortions, because once abortion legally becomes murder, murder has no statute of limitations.

No longer referring to themselves as “prolife” but as “abolitionists” which is a slap in the face to every real abolitionist who fought to free [b]living, breathing human beings[/b] from actual slavery.

This is actual legislation that is on its way in several Southern states. Stay tuned. 😳
CarolinaCrushDaddy · 51-55, M
Unlike most conservatives, I am stanchly pro choice, and i feel that abortion is a damn good way to control the population from rising, not to mention being a fiscally better alternative to having people being burdens on society for years and years and years.
Its friday. And as much as i care .....i cant ....not today , not now.
Gaiia · F
Still though, the nucleus of it and the electric signals , the human body is fascinating.. The whole development
Northwest · M
@Gaiia [quote]Still though, the nucleus of it and the electric signals , the human body is fascinating.. The whole development[/quote]

Everything in the human body is regenerating, reproducing, etc. Same for fruits and vegetables.

Even a sperm. Sperm create signaling pathways to evoke a cellular Ca2+ to create a path to the egg. Different species evolved their unique signaling molecules/mechanisms, to find an egg, specific to their species. Yet, we kill millions of these things, every single time someone beats off, or swallow.
JaggedLittlePill · 41-45, F
I did not know I was pregnant with my first until i was already 8 weeks. It was literally like a peanut. There was no heartbeat.

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