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Judges And Courts And Police Officers .

At long last as far as I know , is the first time a judge has seen sense and a woman has been passed down a sentence of over 8 years for making false allegations of being trafficked and raped by 3 men . The men said it nearly ruined their life and one I heard actually tried to top himself . The police are far to quick to believe and make arrests and charge people without doing their homework properly . Luckily it sounds like the judge was wide awake and found the woman had been lieing . I have been saying for years we need to sack the whole dam uk police force and start again . This time making sure every officer is squeaky clean and if they get so much as a speeding ticket they are out . There are far to many crooks in officers uniforms . Just today on our local news over 1500 officers are being investigated or been fired from the force for wrong doing its disgusting . They wonder why the public dont trust them .
ArishMell · 70-79, M
Yes, I agree entirely that the woman got what she deserved. No-one knows her motive - either she was does but is too cowardly to admit it, or perhaps she genuinely does not know it herself.

The Police caught her by largely by analysing her phone traffic.

However, that does not excuse your usual blanket attack on the entire country's Police. If every one of them was as bad as you love to say, no criminals would ever be caught; and nor would any genuinely bad police officers. If it's any comfort the fact that the bad 'uns are eventually caught and dealt with, shows the entire service is [i]not[/i] corrupt even if a minority of its officers are.

What perhaps is far worse than the Police making arrests too quickly is what happens [i]outside[/i] of the Police. This is instead the mob-mentality of too many members of the public, anti-social media twerps hiding behind their nick-names, tuppeny-ha'penny pseuds like Yaxley-Lennon (he put his oar in), sales-chasing newspapers etc. all too thick to think, and too quick to equate suspicion to proven guilt.

It is for the Courts of Law to decide guilt or innocence; not the Police and certainly not salacious, vindictive mob-cowards I doubt even able to spell "innocence" .

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