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Continue or drop them?

So I'm at the safe Park and recently they booted out some people that definitely weren't aligning themselves with the rules (like using the n word)

So as I was talking to a couple others one was saying that they're planning to bring in drug dogs from the police and do a sniff test of all the vehicles and I'm like well yeah that's legal but another person was saying loudly "I think they should go and search through everybody's belongings" and I'm like "Really? You would give up your fourth amendment rights for that?" and this person was very much for this and I'm like "Well those who want safety, by giving up their Liberty deserve neither"

I then walked away.
You are right in feeling so. They have enough right to go through your things. I suppose whomever said they should is speaking out of fear for their own safety and not putting much thought into the weight of the words.

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