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Child labour is a-okay.... apparently

Hey, let's just force children to work under inhumane conditions that may lead to their death. We wont actively support it but at the same time will happily mock anyone who speaks out against it.
I'm not particularly fond of people in general but holy shit... I did not expect this....
nedkelly61-69, M
Well, you can thank companies like Apple for having factories in China
Redstar36-40, M
@nedkelly Exactly!
@nedkelly No you can thank Republicans. States like Arkansas, Iowa, Wisconsin and others.....ALL Red States are (and have already) passing laws that not only allow children to work but encourages that they do. This is the ignorance of the Republican Party. While demanding that all immigration be stopped they are facing labor shortages in jobs that have traditionally only been held by help, food service, farming vegetable crops, meat packing plants.......unskilled labor jobs.

Rather than back down on the immigration rant............(which gets Republican politicians votes from racists and haters and the not too bright).....Republicans politicians and their donors-------the business owners in those states.......are realizing that their states are falling behind by having higher mom and pop business failures, and unfilled service industry jobs are killing tourism and profits. So what to do? If you need to hate Mexicans to get votes...simple. You pass laws allowing children as young as 14 to work in dangerous, hard physical jobs to make up for the loss of immigrants to fill those jobs. And if you screw the people in your state hard enough financially...........and you can SURE see that level of poverty if you drive thru the average Red state..........parents are more than willing to put their kids to work to bring in extra money.

There is not one single Blue state that allows child labor.
Nitedoc51-55, M
@nedkelly Child labor is wrong but it's hardly a new concept. When the U.S. was still in it's early days child labor was the norm. Coal mining, factory work, laborers of all types used kids as cheep labor.
A Wisconsin bill wants to make it legal for a 14 year old to serve alcohol.
nedkelly61-69, M
@Pitchblue these politicians are brain dead
@nedkelly I think they are trying to replace illegal immigrants in jobs like, hotels, restaurants, agriculture. Agriculture has never had child labor laws. The Red States are making it legal for young children to work in dangerous jobs.
IWasCallingYaLarry26-30, M
This is why I don't take people seriously who constantly bring up slavery in America, because they're likely posting about that from an iPhone, which was made by chinese owned slaves in China in a sweat shop.
"Keeping children trapped in their schools and away from their futures is what liberals always try to force on us."
Redstar36-40, M
@Roundandroundwego Please don't drag political crap into this.
@Redstar what's politics about that? Just quoting a Florida parent!
Nobody thinks that politics is a heading. Ignore the heading above and hate the Red! It's the way I feel for you, too!
perceptivei31-35, F
Redstar36-40, M
@perceptivei It's a reaction to the responses in the post I made before this one that are extremely unexpected, as well as how people have react every other time I've brought this up.

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