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Why was David Pecker such a DAMNING WITNESS against Quad Indicted?

Well, first because he was very relaxed and believable. He admitted to his role and systematically testified in a logical and plausible format that was easy for the jury to follow. He and the prosecutor had a conversation with Pecker largely directing the narrative rather than the prosecution.

Second, although Pecker admitted his role he was able to portray that he [b]still considers Quad Indicted his friend[/b]. That appeared genuine to the jury members and was a strong point in his favor.

The prosecutor had a well thought out plan and stuck to his game plan. Casual, believable, comfortable. The defense was just taking almost random potshots to try (mostly ineffectually) to poke holes in minor points of the prosecution’s narrative and fell completely flat several times when he hoped to catch Pecker in an inconsistency.

Todd Blanche, by trying to adhere to QI’s plan of attack, failed miserably and hurt the defense with the judge and jury before the actual trial even began.

I think Blanche [b]should [/b]put Trump on the stand so that QI loses the case all on his own.

What’s more, Judge Merchan and the prosecutors are being very, very careful to avoid any possible issues that could be appealed.

And—of course—the [b]absence of any Trump family members in court[/b] sends a powerful, negative message to the jury!
whowasthatmaskedman · 70-79, M
In the end, it comes down to him getting a "non prosecution agreement" Which is more or less an immunity deal. But removes his 5th ammendment rights, so he has to tell all the truth. And he was guilty of pretty much everything Cohen did time for. So it was speak now or be prosectuted..😷
KunsanVeteran · 61-69, M

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