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Fulton county prosecutors unwilling to offer deals to three key co-defendants in their RICO trial

As Gomer Pyle would say, “Surprise, surprise, surprise!”

Prosecutors say they’re opposed to offering plea deals to Quad Indicted, Meadows, and Rudy The Red Nosed. They intend to force them to trial!
KunsanVeteran · 61-69, M
Aside from those three, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has opened plea talks or has left open the possibility of talks with the remaining co-defendants.
whowasthatmaskedman · 70-79, M
They will get deals. Just not the deals they want now.. "Plead to everything and turn on Trump and only do Twenty" will be more for them.. Meadows is connected to way too many "others". He is most likely to get a bad case of "Epstein Syndrome".😷
KunsanVeteran · 61-69, M
@whowasthatmaskedman My money is on Rudy The Red Nosed to flip. He’s broke, likely to be charged in other crimes, and has bragged that he has “the dirt” on QI. Just now he’s beginning to realize the ship’s going under and he’s one of the few rats still on board.
whowasthatmaskedman · 70-79, M
@KunsanVeteran He is the most obvious, I agree with you. But lets take a moment to think what kind of a witless...I mean witness, he would make. The guy is barely rational on a good day and has a reputation for spouting nonsense. Even Trumps lawyers could crucify him.. So anything he has to offer up would have to be backed by recordings or documents. I just dont see him as good value for a deal, no matter how much he wants one...😷
KunsanVeteran · 61-69, M
@whowasthatmaskedman Fair. He’s already ruined and a laughing stock. He was a “Queen For a Day” for Jack Smith’s team but DA Willis doesn’t think he’s worth a proffer and would prefer to take him to trial. She probably knows something from Smith’s team.

Meadows has also talked to Smith’s team. He’s also in deep [redacted] up to his neck.

Some prison time would be good for all three of them!

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