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Unreal Becomes Real

[b][c=003BB2]Unreal Becomes Real[/c][/b]

But if you accept the ultimate base as God, which is also the base of energy, all these items become real because, now their ultimate base is real. Even beauty and quality are real. Therefore that which is based on God is real and that which is based on the power of God (energy) is unreal. This does not mean that the power and its Source are homogeneous or that God is also energy. That argument holds good in the items of creation, which are imaginable. But God is unimaginable whereas God’s power is imaginable. The link between two imaginable items is imaginable. However this is a link between an unimaginable item and an imaginable item and therefore, the link is also unimaginable. You are trying to catch God by analysis, somehow, whenever there is even a trace of opportunity available!

A real item has meaning. Now the medium in which God exists becomes real as long as God exists in that medium. Now Krishna is God and so Krishna is beautiful and Krishna is good. Even if Krishna exhibits some bad quality, there must be some divine background for it. Baba is beautiful and He has suppressed His beauty for some divine purpose. Only such blind love fixes you in God. Until you detect Him, analysis is necessary. But once you confirmed, stop analysis and start with blind faith and blind love. Thus love, faith and knowledge of analysis, all become useful in the path of Nivritti while the same are meaningless in Pravritti. The ultimate basis (energy) is unreal in Pravritti.

In the Gita it is told that the soul should rise above the objects (vishayas) and feelings (vasanas). If one realizes that all the objects are made of the same energy and that all the feelings are made of the same awareness, they become unreal. Then there will be no attraction or repulsion to any object or to any quality or feeling. You will rise above good and bad and love a good man and a sinner equally. There is no aspect of God here in this field of Pravritti and one attains peace by this realization, even if he is an atheist.

Yoga is this equilibrium state (Samatvam yoga—Gita). It is not bliss. Bliss can only be attained in Nivritti. With respect to disturbance (-) peace (0) appears as bliss (+) relatively. But if you attain bliss from God in Nivritti, then you will realize the difference. By Yoga in Pravritti, you can only attain the absence of disturbance, which appears as bliss for you. A beggar will feel that the one rupee he gained is equal to one lakh rupees [1 lakh = hundred thousand]. But the Yoga in Nivritti (which means attainment of God in human form) gives you the real Bliss, provided you deserve it. But there too your aim should be to serve Him and not achieving bliss.

You must search for God without disturbing the existing system and without any assumption or imagination. As you can establish the theory without any assumption, even a scientist or atheist has to accept the theory. As it is well known, the universe is infinite and so the inert energy and inert matter are infinite as the galaxies are infinite. But the awareness is limited only to earth. Even on the earth, the awareness is in living beings only, which are scattered. So, the awareness is discontinuous and not infinite. Sinners are present in men and they are born as animals. So, every living being or every man is not God. Only Krishna or Rama or Jesus etc. can be God. Let us take Krishna. The awareness in Krishna is limited; it is not even present in His hair and nails.

It is not all-pervading even in that body. Krishna showed that He is the Lord of the entire world i.e. infinite matter, infinite energy and all the souls including His body (Vishwarupam). Awareness (soul) is not controlling even the matter and energy of its own body. Totapuri, an Advaita follower could not even control his stomach pain and tried to commit suicide. The limited awareness in Krishna is sufficient to serve the purpose of delivering the Gita and it need not be infinite. God charged Krishna. Krishna could not repeat the Gita, when pressed by Arjuna after the war. The gross body of Krishna is the house and Krishna (Jeevatman i.e. a joint association of the subtle and causal bodies) is the owner of the house. God is the king, who is now present in that house on a visit to earth. You cannot meet Him directly in His capital city, where He is terribly busy. You need not bother about the house or qualities of the house owner with whom the king is staying, since your aim is only the king. The Veda says the same (Dvaa suparna sayujaa…).

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