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I Have Legitimate Concerns About Islam And That's Not Bigotry

Wives beaters will LOVE it when sharia law is eventually fullly introduced in the west,it is just the ticket to legitimise their sociopathic behaviors.

berangere · 80-89, F
Underconstruction@ I agree with you there but those teachings are no longer in force for Christians and Jews, but they are still very much in force for Islam!And christian and Jewish women are not and never were living under a tent!
Hate to break the news to ya berangere, but there are Jewish and Xtian groups who do take those books literally. They are basically cults.

Just because they are Christian or Jew they are not less horrible than other religions.
berangere · 80-89, F
I agree there.But right now the world is threatened by an ideology that is barbaric and it is not the Christians nor the Jews we have to fear and I can safely say that women abuse is far more endemic among the Muslims than in any other "religions" or "cults".
Northwest · M
I am not sure what this post is about:

1. Sharia law is GOING to be the law in the West.

2. Muslim men beat their wives, regularly.

3. Spousal abuse is the exclusive domain of Muslims

Or a combination?
You should show the same concern about those horrible teachings in the Bible followed by Christians and the Tora followed by Jews.
berangere · 80-89, F
Northwest@ This is all I have to say!

berangere · 80-89, F

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