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I Have Legitimate Concerns About Islam And That's Not Bigotry

Government Of Afghanistan Persecutes Christians...
Excerpted from "Afghan convert faces hanging"
Becky Yeh - 2/14/2011

"A one-legged Afghan Red Cross worker faces death after converting to Christianity. Said Musa, a physiotherapist who has been jailed for eight months in Kabul, was tortured and abused by inmates and guards -- and now, Musa has been told he will be hanged for his faith. The Afghan lost his leg in a landmine explosion in the 1990s and was a medical worker at Red Cross for 15 years. Despite the threat on his life, Musa says he will remain faithful to Christ....

Musa was arrested last year after seeking refuge at the German embassy after a wave of persecution fell upon Christians in Afghanistan. Moeller says that persecution is increasing despite efforts by the United States to liberate the people...."

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Excerpted from "More reports of persecution in Afghanistan, Pakistan"
Becky Yeh and Charlie Butts

"An Afghan Christian who has been imprisoned for his faith may face the death sentence for apostasy. Shoaib Assadullah, a 23-year-old Afghan who was arrested for giving a Bible to a man who then reported him to officials, was imprisoned four months ago and may be killed under sharia law. Assadullah's case is expected to go before a judge in the near future since the prosecutor can only hold him for 30 days.

Jerry Dykstra of Open Doors USA laments ..."He is still in prison [and] has been attacked physically and threatened by fellow prisoners, especially Taliban and anti-government prisoners who are in jail,”....

Excerpted from "Afghan Christian sentenced to hang, released from prison"
Becky Yeh - 3/4/2011

An Afghan Christian who was incarcerated for his faith has been released after pressure from the U.S. Embassy forced a response. Said Musa, the one-legged Red Cross worker who was reportedly to be hanged for his faith, has been released from a Kabul prison. According to The Christian Post, Musa, who faced the death sentence for converting to Christianity, is now out of the country -- although his whereabouts are unknown....

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"Afghan Christian celebrating prison release"
Charlie Butts - 2/24/2011

...Said Musa, a physiotherapist who worked for the Red Cross in Afghanistan for 15 years, was arrested and jailed for eight months in Kabul after a television show aired a video of a baptism ceremony. He had faced the death penalty, but the worldwide Christian community's response has proved beneficial.

"Well, [we] just received confirmation that Said Musa was released and is safely out of the country," reports Aidan Clay of International Christian Concern (ICC), who is currently located in Nairobi, Kenya....

...three Afghan officials offered to release Said if he recanted his newfound faith -- a proposal he refused....

"While Said Musa has received a lot of attention lately, there's a man named Shoaib Assadullah who was arrested on October 21 for giving a Bible to a man who reported him to local authorities," the ICC spokesman notes, adding that Assadullah "is still facing charges for apostasy" and remains in prison....
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“Take the helmet of salvation…” Ephesians 6:17

In describing the Christian’s helmet, Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 5:8, “…and the hope of salvation as a helmet.” The best armor you can give a soldier is the kind that cannot be destroyed by the enemy.

Paul, knowing the eternal nature of God’s salvation, exhorts the servant-soldier to put on—that is, believe in—the hope of life beyond this world. Soldiers without fear of death? What a mighty force!

God also provides the helmet to protect our minds. When the enemy tries to infiltrate our thinking with doubts about our salvation, the helmet becomes our protection.

You are God's own child. He Himself redeemed you from slavery. He does not want the enemy to overcome you. You are secure in your relationship with God. The power within you is greater than the power in your enemy. Give no place to doubt. Take your stand for God in confidence wearing you helmet of salvation.

Teshome comes from northern Ethiopia and grew up in the traditional Orthodox Church. In Sunday school he was taught that the evangelical Christians eat the meat of dogs and cats when they celebrate Holy Communion.

Their Sunday school teachers made a mistake by asking them to read the Gospel and so Teshome discovered the truth about Jesus Christ. He went to evangelical Christians to hear more about Jesus. He found that his Sunday school teachers, priests and bishops were teaching him lies.

He accepted Christ. After this he was chased away by his family, community and congregation.

Brother Teshome and new friends went to live with Christians who received them in their homes. It was during their stay with these Christians that they heard about a well-established evangelical church.

They contacted its leadership and joined after getting a positive reply. Presently they have 60 members in their region. Brother Teshome’s vision is to go back to his people and witness to them.

RESPONSE: Today I put on the helmet of salvation so Satan will not have a stronghold on my thoughts.

PRAYER: Lord, I rejoice in my salvation and ask You to help me keep my mind focused on You.

STANDING STRONG THROUGH THE STORM (SSTS) -A daily devotional message by Paul Estabrooks
© 2010 Open Doors International. Used by permission

“When the storm has swept by, the wicked are gone, but the righteous stand firm forever.” Proverbs 10:25

Right now millions of Christians face persecution because of their faith in Christ. Register to receive the Open Doors USA Weekly Prayer Alert email. Join alongside thousands of others praying for our brothers and sisters worldwide to stand strong in the midst of their struggles. Also learn more about countries where the persecution of Christians is most severe by visiting the Open Doors website today.

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