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Shahada recital in sleep

I keep saying the shahada while I sleep. I hade a nightmare I would like to know why. I also keep getting dreams where I see a mosque and hear the azan bein recited in my ear.
PotatoGaga · 31-35, F
[quote]I hade a nightmare I would like to know why.[/quote]

Because it is all bullshit and it is not going to prevent anything from happening.
Nanori · 31-35, F
@PotatoGaga imagine reading 1001 Nights five times a day, having dreams or nightmares about it will be inevitable.
jshm2 · 41-45, M
The Muslim adhan is deemed a great honour in a dream. But it's interpretation depends on the belief and language of the dreamer.

Could be you are a thief, backbiting, going to be subject to a major move, or denote rank. etc etc. That it was a "nightmare" for you means it's something negative.
What’s shahada?
jshm2 · 41-45, M
@Nanori Don't be so fucking ignorant. It's a proclamation of faith.
Nanori · 31-35, F
@jshm2 🤣 after you're done looking for your real father amongst all those 10000 men who slept with ur mom, read about it a bit, shahada is smth Muslims recite at birth of a child into their ears and when they're about to die. Also if u notice u I didn't talk ABOUT WHAT IT CONVEYS, I only said its done then lmao
Emosaur · 22-25, M
This is proof how much religion fucks people up mentally.
What is the nightmare you get?
Anon270823 · 18-21, F
@sexyjigsaw its always different but mostly about death
@Anon270823 you should say your shahadah often. We say it multiple times a day if we guard our salaat

And if you fear death, just work and prepare for it. There is nothing to fear, sister. Allah is the Most Merciful. To return to His Hands is a happy thing for those who prepare for it and we should do so having passed the test of this life. So keep saying the shahadah amd may Allah grant you ease in your nights and ease your worries. Ameen.
Nanori · 31-35, F
Lol it's fking ur mind up
Anon270823 · 18-21, F
Shahada **

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