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CodeLyoko18-21, M
CodeLyoko thinks you are Strong.
happy birthday to my oldest brother(by how long ive known you, youve only turned 25 today!!!馃榿馃挋馃構) i love you so much and so glad that we were able to share 1000's apond 1000's messsges over the past 5 years馃挋 i think you a very smart person, i love when you show off your awesome house decorations and it it def add to your uniqueness. and i cant wait for every cuddle, conversation, and tickle we have together when we meet, love you!! always and forever馃榿馃挋馃構
We all need more friends like you!馃
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CodeLyoko18-21, M
CodeLyoko thinks you are Trustworthy.
i love you brother, glad you are in my life!
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