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I think there should be some point added to the ppl who respond to any post first !!

That way many posts will be responded quick without getting unnoticed,what do you think ?
Also we should be able to do something with added points except buying lame gifts !
Neman1622 · 41-45, M
If I could buy VIP with the points/ coins, then totally agree. Otherwise, I'm not down with the gimmick. It's basically effing useless. Wtf is a virtual gift worth? Nothing. Nothing at all
@Neman1622 yeah buy VIP ,thats a good way to work up
bookerdana · M
What do you expect to do with points??
@bookerdana Become a millionaire?😂
bookerdana · M
@Spacesbetweenus Try Mega Lotto.......hey,it could happen
So you are saying that every comment you send you get more coins and those who post wont be forgotten, sounds good. Sw also has idea to pay members in future posts etc

Algorithm affects coins, users with good reputation earn faster

Maybe bring it up to admin
@Kitsunex Yes ,thanks for sharing the screenshot,if there is some bonus points added then all the posts will be answered and no one will feel lonely or upset.
No, because then there will just be more and more people whose responses will be “First!” And that adds nothing to a post or conversation.
@Colonelmustardseed better than going unnoticed
@Spacesbetweenus I’d prefer my own posts being unnoticed over having those constant useless responses.
darknessprevails · 26-30, M
Its not points that stop us from responding - its visibility.
We all have algorithmic feeds, customised to us.

So posts outside that algorithm don't come up till later .😂
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Hanginginthere · 31-35, M
well no this isn't a popularity contest.. XD

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