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Xfinity customer service is seriously the worst.

I was trying to assist one of our residents yesterday at work with activating his new modem so he can have internet in his apartment. We had to call customer service because we had trouble logging into the Xfinity app. One guy couldn't understand what we were talking about and the other guy said that he can't have just internet and needs to have cable too which was an outright lie (he said "we are a cable company"). I decided to then use the online chat service and we were transferred 7 times over two hours before some of our issues were resolved. And we still could not get his modem activated before I had to go home. It was so damn frustrating. Normally I don't post stuff like this but I needed to vent lol.
shuhak · M
You are not alone - Xfinity has the [b][u][i]worst [/i][/u][/b]customer service of [i]ANY [/i]company I've ever dealt with!

You were lucky to get a live person when calling Xfinity customer service, as they don't like talking to customers.

Tell the online "chat" you want to dispute your bill (money issues seem to get their attention). It will have a representative call you within 5 minutes (never try to call them). You should get a "semi"-competent person. If not, hang up and do the same thing again.
chasingThursday · 36-40, M
@shuhak well talking to a live person on the phone proved to be pointless
QueenOfTheNerds · 41-45, F
As a residential customer, their customer service was a joke. When I call for my business account, they are one of the better companies that I deal with.
Steve42 · 56-60, M
And charge you out the ass for their services.

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