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Common sense

Youtube ought to have their algorithms figure out that if you skip the same adds ten videos in a row....they wouldn't send it to you anymore???

I'm not getting on tiktok and I don't need Liberty Mutual insurance! Jeez
ArishMell · 61-69, M
Ah, but this is Google (the owners) and money. Commonsense no more comes into it than respect for the user.

I used to enjoy some YT videos cited in a forum dedicated to one of my hobbies; but as Goggles put more barriers in the way, and started ruining the videos with interruptions for meretricious rubbish publicising nothing useful or relevant, I abandoned it.

(The forum itself runs advertisements down the side of the screen, but they are all strictly relevant to the subject, do not break into the discussions and not really any different to advertising in the related, commercially-published magazine.)
Peaceful · F
They get paid either way.

Also, have you thought about Universal Life Insurance. As a broker for Liberty Mitual I can assure you that caring for your loved ones through coverage that makes you feel secure is the way to go. 🙃

Please get this joke 😆
Really annoying ads actually has a negative influence on me where I will purposely go out of my way to avoid some brand or product due the feeling like they have been stalking and harassing me.
SledgeHammer · 41-45, M
Um.... sorry pal

This is SW's complaint department..

YouTube complaint department is two web sites down the hall and to the left...

==========> ^
SydneyGuy · 61-69, M
How can you stop advertisements on YouTube apart from paying for YouTube premium!!
Nanori · 26-30, F
[@1205258,SydneyGuy] GET AD BLOCK
Ksmile14 · F
If their algorithms worked that way they wouldn't send me any ads cuz I skip them ALL!
Nanori · 26-30, F
Time to get that ad block John
Also not downloading the FB app
bookerdana · M
U block origin stops ALL ADS

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