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I am used to being alone.....

[c=359E00]but i know its a bad thing and i need to find a man soon. Would this feeling of liking to be alone ever go away? Is it because i haven't found "the one"? [/c]
It doesnt ever go away, and it comes in handy when the next relationship falls apart....馃槍
@nightjourney Whomever said that was probably a co-dependant person... the type that cant function unless someone else is in there in their life all the time
nightjourney31-35, F
@Tminus6453 well i been all alkng. But ya it makes sense like cold hot dqrk light. Male female husband wife..but i mean where is mine lol peob shudn't think of it..but can't helo it at times haha. Like m curious what thy would look like u know. Even if it was juat a glance. But i would never know. Peob in my life rn and i don't know. So mysterious. And mm one to miss the oppertunity when given to me. So maybe missed him?
@nightjourney We are conditioned from early life through societal pressure that we're suppose to at a young age to "fall in love get married" blah blah blah...fairytale crap that is barely realistic for most, i mean look at all the divorce ...over 50%.....and unhappy couples out there that go through the motions and stat together for the sake of their kids on the fear of being alone...
rrraksamam31-35, M
It's good to be alone. Better than being with someone who slowly drains the life out of you like a parasite
nightjourney31-35, F
@rrraksamam true. Took me 7 yrs to get over pitying myself because of it
Hopefully yes.

Best wishes 馃檪

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