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Anyone happen to know Waylon Jennings?

He was long before my time but his music is classic now. Anyway I have this whole new appreciation for this song I've known for a while. So damn powerful.


Also interesting to know, his had a grandson who became like a country rapper. Spent time in prison & remade his grandfathers song


& Now all this time later, his great grandaughter is an upcoming country singer. So she remade both of their songs, from her own perspective as a kid.


Such powerful shit I swear. I'm not even typically a country music person I just appreciate good music in general
Pinkstarburst · 51-55, F
I know Mr. Jennings very well. Grew up listening to him and all of the outlaws thanks to my dad.

These are wonderful and I love how each new generation of musicians feels the souls of the past.
@Pinkstarburst that's very cool 👌 sounds like quite a father.
It's true though, different eras, same shit. Like Waylon's grandson said in his version "I couldn't learn from his mistakes I had to make them myself". We live different lives but our dark corners are all the same color
Fantabulous · 46-50, F
My dad used to play his music....I remember a Good hearted woman in particular
@Fantabulous nice 👌 I figured there'd have to be some people here who knew him from their parents. I know my grandma was a fan of him before. She thought it was so cool when she heard me listen to him once
Dainbramadge · 51-55, M
Awww ... Shit brother. I been in one of them moods and went and missed this post.
Glad you mentioned it or I would have missed it completely.

Some pretty damn powerful words being spilled in all three versions.

I guess an outlaw is someone who abides by his own rules. Doesn't quit fit into other peoples boxes.
Those boxes those people work their asses off to make sure everyone has their own to fit into.
Well. Boxes are for the dead.
But at some point it all gets to be tough talk and all merit is gone. Lost to the fight. You look back at it all and wonder what it all meant. Where did it lead?
"This outlaw shit has gotten out of hand".
@Dainbramadge that's for sure. Couldn't disagree with a word there. I'm kinda at that point now where I'm looking back at shit like damn... I don't deserve to have made it. Most of my homies I came up with are all gone. Locked up or dead, some still dying. I'm still on the run on multiple felonies & honestly my biggest reason I don't wanna turn myself in is because I'm giving up my gun rights. I'll probably carry one regardless like I do anyway & that's not any better.
I worry every day because I know shits just making it worse but I'm trying my best to make some money, get my life together a little bit so I could pay for the lawyers to get me through because this public defender shit won't cut it with my charges & these lawyers ain't a joke. They hear what I'm facing & hear cha-ching 👌
But guess I ain't complaining. It's my own doing at the end of the day
Dainbramadge · 51-55, M
@ChiefWalksWith40oz Fuck brother. Not only are other folks build boxes for us doing it too. LOL
Hey man we'll talk more personally about this in PM but I do want to share something I found out on more than one occasion. The longer it gets from the time of the crime the better you look when you turn yourself in. You know you're going to end up with a little orange suit time. But what you do from today until you turn yourself in is what's going to determine the length of the stay.
I got a few stories. LOL
nightjourney · 31-35, F
No but thx for introducing me. Woww.i am not rèally the type to hear the first video or last vidro genre but when it is connected like that, it does make u want to hear them. Now that is called legend music 💯❤❤
@nightjourney no problem I'm glad you liked it 🙏 I feel like all of them together fit beautifully
TexChik · F
Yep . He was from the Lubbock area and started out as a DJ on the radio . I saw him sing at the fair once as a little girl . He had a great voice .
@TexChik that's so badass. Wish I could say I was apart of stuff like that
Iwillwait · M
Wow, those are great renditions.
@Iwillwait I agree 🙏 Waylon's is still my favorite but altogether it's quite a story
Starcrossed · 41-45, F
Me! I do! Good stuff.
@Starcrossed I knew somebody would 🙏 such beautiful music
GJOFJ3 · 61-69, M
One of my favorites.
@GJOFJ3 I'm seeing this late but great song 👌

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