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Did you choose the life of an intellectual?

And do your cool discoveries compensate you for lost social interaction?
Carey · F
Choose? No, I don't think I chose that.

I think it is one of those things that chooses you, if life equips you with the necessary attributes.

Of course, one may choose to reject that life but that would seem to me to be a waste of your skills, talents.
Carey · F
@th3r0n Are you feeling awkward?

I think you should concentrate on being the best you.
th3r0n · 36-40, M
@Carey I'm surely trying
Carey · F
@th3r0n You surely are.
JimboSaturn · 51-55, M
I don't think being an intellectual and social are mutually exclusive.
DrWatson · 70-79, M
"All generalizations are loose and imperfect." -- Montaigne
Carey · F
@DrWatson 😀Not quite.
DrWatson · 70-79, M
@Carey I know. That's why i said we're "on our way".

Back in high school, I had an English teacher who used to cite that quote by Montaigne over and over, as she urged us not to make unsupported generalizations in our essays. I remember thinking about that quote and realizing that it led to some interesting logic. It was the first time the notion of 'self-reference' ever occurred to me, although of course I did not know the term.

We eventually read that essay by Montaigne, and I expected the next class to be about the question, "so if this generalization is also imperfect, does that mean some generalizations are OK. And what if this generalization is OK?" I really was confused and intrigued by this at the ripe old age of 15 or 16.

But much to my surprise, none of this was on my English teacher's mind at all. She simply repeated her dictum about not writing general statements in our essays. I was quite disappointed.

Many years later, I learned about Kurt Gödel!
Carey · F
@DrWatson Your teacher does not seem very challenging. I will have to look up Gödel.
Richard65 · M
It's similar to the old dilemma, do you work for the benefit of society as a whole, but perhaps to the detriment of yourself and those you love? Do you pursue art and the intensive intellectual engagement that, to truly be of any worth, entails long hours of study and the sacrifice of the domestic life that serves to distract you from such demanding pursuits? One of the most popular quotations about creativity and parenthood is Cyril Connolly's: “There is no more somber enemy of good art than the pram in the hall.”
th3r0n · 36-40, M
Yes and no

My technological abilities and problem solving / logic skills come in handy, I'm not so bad with people though

I'm rated 4.9 out of 5 out of over 600 onsite jobs with the onsite tech company I work for, those ratings reflect both skill, work ethic, and personal skills

I'm the unusual nerd that can translate things to English for the normal people
vetguy1991 · 51-55, M
Im not smart enough to be an intellectual
Carey · F
@vetguy1991 Maybe you're not dumb enough to be an intellectual.
Justferfuun1 · 36-40, M
Yes, no. It's lonely and most people just think you're full of yourself. Plus I have a fairly severe case of ADHD which translates to me forgetting half of what I know and my debating skills are terrible. It's not all it's cracked up to be.
I like to think about things, but I don't think I would be classed as an intellectual.

Most recently I wondered if flies were less nervous before the invention of the fly swatter.
ButterRobot · 51-55, M
I like to think about things yes.

I dont think thats the underlying reason for my lost social interaction.
GuiltyBiStander · 31-35, F
Yes. That must be it.

I've been wondering what the hell happened.
hunkalove · 61-69, M
I ain't no Skegnessian professor but I ain't none too stupid.
Those are [i]really[/i] good questions.

I don't know that anyone [i]chooses[/i] the life of an intellectual. I think people either are or aren't.

I think my discoveries and the things I get into do compensate for lost social interaction, of which there's a great deal. I'm alone almost all the time.
Yes, indeed
wuiop2 · 41-45
I'm socially awkward by default, so... (shrugs, smiles) I strive for a balance between blunt honesty and being quietly supportive the majority of the time.

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