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The story of moses parting the red sea was?

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A true story
An allegory about overcoming impossible odds
A story about a boy who was sad cuz his goldfish died
A moral story to incite patriots to rebel
A story of group hallucinations from alien mind control
The reason trex has such tiny arms
A metaphor for how the mind like a sponge can connect dots and dry up floods of misunderstanding
Something else altogether.. please explain
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scalenemaia · 36-40, F
Geographers studying the Red Sea have witnessed a phenomenon whereby the tide goes extremely low allowing people to wade across it...
@scalenemaia your profile pic is pretty.. I mean non acceptance of everything millions worship is one way.. but acceptance of everything is another way..

I mean.. I dont listen to the christian religion but I dont reject them I just know that there interpretation of it is wrong.. but in that sense I accept every religion.

I actually get rewards from the bible in my thinking.. but I also get rewards from watching Disney movies and reading fables and myths.

I get nothing from religion though..

So.. pretty one... when you say it's all bullshitte ,do you mean the religious aspect of it? The stories themselves? Or just the whole thing? Because you did say just like every other religion on the planet..

I'm just curious your view and maybe you might share the reason why you cast them all of as garbage? I mean there's no way you've read up on all of them yourself..

I'm not looking to argue.. I'm just trying to understand people and their thoughts.
scalenemaia · 36-40, F
@Jdanielb Give me ONE shred of absolute, cast-iron, empirically verifiable proof that any sort of supernatural entity exists anywhere. You can't because there is none at all, never has been, never will be*. We are merely a species of sentient apes on this rock who cannot accept the truth that we merely evolved just like covid bacteria or blue whales. All religions are hubris on the part of humanity to prove they are 'special'. We are 'special' because we achieved sentience but are 'stupid' when we deny the truth and make up ridiculous "fairy stories" to explain our existence...

*If it did it would mean the laws of physics are wrong...
@scalenemaia listen please.. I'm not seeking to argue with you at all.

As far as physics being wrong, well that's not true because quantum physics actually prepares the way for god to be real, but not religion.

As far as giving you proof, it's impossible at this point in time, but it wont be later. If a person wants to believe , they will, and if a person doesnt want to believe, they wont.

I found the bible to be more of a book about showing that the human themself is as god or goddess and that the mind is capable of anything. I have had a vision of christ but it was a self projection from within the body, not from without; however all you have is my word , so that doesnt do you any good.

A persons has to investigate these things for themselves and ask the spiritual realm to reveal itself.

I dont think you are a monkey, I think you are a priceless pearl, I think you are a precious dove, and I think you are a descended from the gods, and I believe you are some king and gods, godess and queen. To me you are much more than just a primate.

I believe you are capable of untold things that you currently consider impossible but quantum physics would show all things I just stated are currently true..

Have a blessed day little dove.. I wasnt seeking an arguement, just a conversation with a living entity's heart and soul. I hope life gives you what you desire
...a mean move on the part of Moses; at least that’s what Noah thought after he built the ark and paired up all
Those animals (except the Unicorns). Wasn’t the day to go sailing.
@soar2newhighs poor noah..

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