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I have an Idea without spoiling my storylines. Everything I can think of but it has to be confusing. Just Vent. Part 108. Sacrifices one Ear

Who is a Bunny. One of the most important advanced Scientists for Civilization in certain Universes. He's the older brother. His little brother, who is a well known pastor who preach the Gospel of Christ and it's teachings of spiritual Righteousness instead of this world.

One day, The Rabbit Scientists was aware of death Threats from another Advanced Scientists, who is Evil to the core. The Evil Scientist wants him dead, because He fears about a certain Invention robot that will rival his one day.

The Rabbit has to plan an escape before he gets caught.

Thought about using an old model spaceship, to prevent being located from new modern Security systems to track.

*Ready to aboard*

The Rabbit Scientist and his pilots gets into the ship and left.

Meanwhile there was a Universal War 1 happening.

the Spaceship accidentally making it's way tours the space battle.

The Pilots are fearing for their lives, when they first appeared at the scene of the battle. Trying To escape the scene by turning far right direction.

All of sudden, The Rabbit Scientist looking through the window and saw a Missile coming tours their way. The Rabbit Scientist quickly looks at the Pilots as he screams: "WE ARE BEING TARGETED!!! QUICK COME CLOSE TO ME!!!"

only one Polit, who understood and went tours the Rabbit.

But another Polit is who is controlling the ship, didn't listen.

The Ship got hit by a Missile while The Rabbit Scientist Activated a Forcefield around him and the Pilot.

When half of the ship exploded. One of the Pilot controlling the ship got hit from Explosion...Dead.

The Rabbit Scientist Lost his left ear from the Explosion while protecting himself and the Pilot inside a Forcefield.

The Ship was Heavily Damaged. The Rabbit Scientist calls for backup Transportation.

Make it a long story short.

They made it to the Deer's Universe and Landed in Planet Visa.

Many saw the Famous Scientist walking out of the ship with a missing ear, saddened He couldn't save the other pilot in time.

They gave this Hero a Nickname, who saved a life...

One Ear Rabbit.

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