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Some call me a Mystery: Hard to Read, Unpredictable, Full of Surprises... Read About Me
About Me
[i][big]"Discretion is the essence of Mystery"[/big][/i]
Copyright © 2018 iMystery

Nothing shocks me and I do not react to situations the way most people might. I am Open Minded in the true sense of the word. I judge no one. I am completely open to learning new things and I enjoy discovering new things about myself too.

I do not subscribe to any religion, culture, society "norms" or anything which dictates to me how I "SHOULD" live my life and how I "SHOULD" think.

I do life on my own terms.

I also have a Dark Side... many cannot handle this side so will not get into it here.

I prefer night time to day time... love the shadows instead of light...

I have an Inner Beast... the Black Jaguar... I have it tattood on my chest.


Why this animal?

[b]Black[/b] - My favourite colour
[b]Deceptively Calm[/b] - I always have a calm exterior
[b]Silent but DEADLY[/b] - as the Jaguar, I too am usually silent... but DEADLY - Lets rather not get into that.

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