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Hotel Curriculuma

As the song Hotel California stipulates that you can never leave, and that sites such as this is similar, i would like to posit an alternative alternate dimension.

When i went to school in the late 90's i utterly wasted it, and the present is like another chance to do school sorts of endeavors. But it could be a repeat of the late 90's if i slack off too much with posting and replying to posts.

The love of learning is the basis of this curriculum. And is best explained situationally. So as i am the poster of such an idea here, i am the aqueduct through which an illustration unravels.

The road to the grave is straight, without any turn off, there are only resting places. In these resting places are devices that could take too much time, but they are also potentially praiseworthy to get caught up in, and from them some basic purposes can be garnered.

But the main thing is going down the main road, the road of learning, which in the long run is a road i love.

That particular pictorial illustration has limitations too, for the curriculum has many subsections, and can thus be seen as what school was, with classes, we'd have 40 some minute classes, the literal translation for me would to read 40 minutes from a book and so on, but literalness is death, the phenomenology of geist, or spirit is the way, the truth and the life, by following the invisible sparkling forest fairy to wherever it pleaseth, i thus go, and to see this magical little being is to not be reliant on the physical senses.

The only way out is dying, and when one learns more and more, one more and more doesn't want to die. The beautiful agonizing paradox. When one is blase about anything, nothing matters, and life can be a slog. When one is excited about things, a whole lifetime is way too short.

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