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I Like to Rearrange the Furniture In My House

I'm gonna get off here and do it right now lol. I don't do it often but there's a draft under the window ac unit in my room and I'm moving bed also away from heat vent, becoz the heat blows from the ceiling and it feels suffocation lol. So my bed is queen sized and have a large dresser too lol. So I get a workout today. Sherrie is sick with a stomach flu hanging her head over the trash can in her room lol i feel so bad for her. She caught that one and I just got over the other kind of flu like 2 days ago. Anyways and everytime I do something to the bed like change sheets, my cat gets obsessed with it and tries to hide under them lol. I think after that, I'm gonna clean out fridge and do grocery shop. Maybe later too watch horror movies I feel spooky today but good lol.[youtube=]
trackboy · 22-25, M
doctor can prescribe anti vomit suppositories for the vomiting. call your doctor now as your going to catch the norovirus from your roomie. it goes airborne when people vomit. it spreads like wild fire. why does your cat hide under the sheets??? you going to move everything inch to the right. then inch to the left. then inch the right then inch to the left like mom does with all the stuff stacked in tall piles as there is zero storage space anywhere with every inch of the house in use???
trackboy · 22-25, M
@AnnMayonnaise it was horrible for me. noro virus spreads like wild fire . is hard to stop as hand sanitizers don't work well on it.
Nope. Only bleach kills it. Nothing else will. Noro causes violent symptoms. Maybe sher has a lesser version of it. maybe she has food poisoning who knows
trackboy · 22-25, M
hard to use bleach on cruise ships as it gives off clorine. spreads like wildfire on cruise ships. noro evolved to spread by vomiting then so you get over it quickly after having thrown up as making you sick longer does not spread it any more as nothing more to throw up plus killing the host works against an infection lasting in a population.
Ok I did it, finally, lol

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