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Stuck At Home?

What if I told you, you could learn to do this in 15 minutes? Interested? It's the simple, fine art of Cyanotype. You can do it two different ways. You can mix your own two-part chemical to treat the paper that's required or......if mixing chemicals is definitely not your thang, you can buy pre-treated paper from Amazon or other outlet.
I'll post a vid below. You can print literally anything with this process. From plants to man made objects.....and they make wonderful gifts if you decide to mount them and put them in a frame.
So, rather than sitting on yer derriere and whining about your lives to all of us here, you now have a medium to unleash your pent up emotion with. Go wild and prosper kids.
Carissimi · 61-69, F
So just ignore, or block those you think are sitting on their derrière and “whining,” if you don’t like it.
Freeranger · M
@Carissimi You're making me channel Carly Simon and you're so vain.....
This is not about you.....sorry. This is painting with a much broader opportunity to do something else rather than posting the things people post here about being bored, about claims that no one likes me, or whatever their collective angst's are.
It's a chance to shift a focus, learn a simple skill that occupies and challenges the mind, and dare I say it, give someone with little artistic ability, a chance to feel a sense accomplishment in making something kinda cool with little investment.
So, for anyone who's despondent, they now have a choice.
Carissimi · 61-69, F
And you think placing a fern on a piece of painted paper will solve their despondency? I’m sure your motives were well meant re: the new hobby, but then in the next breath to disparage the despondent with words like “whining,” and assuming they sit on their backsides all day, just blows away your, seemingly, initial compassion for the downhearted. How arrogant.

Members of SW have a right to express themselves in anyway they see fit, and within TOS. Just scroll past, or go join a Happy Clappy site, if real life is too much for your condescension. @Freeranger
Freeranger · M
@Carissimi I think turning one's hand to something positive is the key to leaving the chaff of personal angst in the rearview mirror quite frankly. Whether it's this or even cuticle macrame, it doesn't matter. It boils down to making a conscious decision to move forward rather than sitting in a bowl of spoiled porridge.

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