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Boomer vets: *majority get drafted against their will and the others go for a better life*

Only to return and have a bunch of spineless base heads who are too fvcked up to remember to wash their ass have the audacity to call them names and accuse them of atrocities when some of their service solely involved cooking or even nursing

And again being drafted against their will

This post is inspired by Mia Khalifas dumb ass tweet I wish i never read and all of the ignorant base head hippies from the 70’s who thought they had it All figured out because they discovered they could save money on electric and rent for drugs if they live in the woods and stopped eating

That come back was hilarious btw

Thank you for posting and proud of my military service.
DeluxedEdition · 26-30, F
@Sojournersoul thank you for your service 🤗
@DeluxedEdition You are so welcome.
Not a boomer vet who got drafted btw
this made me "chuckle"

chuckle but not guffaw

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