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Today is St Patrick’s day. Thousands of years of Irish history and culture are condensed into stupid hats, green beer and getting drunk.

summersong · F
nothing says ‘i’m proud of my heritage’ like green vomit
Mooed78 · F
It’s not all that.. there are lots of parades, Irish music and fun for kids.
@Mooed78 That sounds like what I was talking about 😬
Mooed78 · F
@Ozymandiaz I am trying to say not everyone will be drunk lol
Does it even go down like in Ireland?;
@Iusedtobehereallthetime It kinda does now
SumKindaMunster · 51-55, M
I'm sure Mexican people feel the same way about Cinco de Mayo.
@SumKindaMunster I was on a date with a Mexican at the weekend. She mentioned that they dont celebrate it in Mexico lol
SumKindaMunster · 51-55, M
@Ozymandiaz I never heard of it until I believe it was dos equis started to mention it to promote their beer...and somehow it became an American drinking Holiday...the celebration of a battle victory over the French by the Mexican army....

And getting drunk and driving like dummies
And corned beef
@SW-User it’s Yiddish
@Ozymandiaz only select Irish jews may eat it ..it needs blessed by the rabbi leprechaun
Mooed78 · F
@SW-User rabbi leprechaun 🍀😂
@metaldog Yes thousands
[image deleted]
Viva la leprechaun 🍀
It's funny that in Ireland we really just consider it a day off work or school.

I really don't understand how they celebrate it like they do in usa
Oster1 · M
@SW-User It's because the Irish were so abused when they immigrated into this country, but they built, sacrifised, contributed and worked so hard, to make America, the great country and melting pot, it truly is!!! 😊☘️🇮🇪
@SW-User Yeah, its a pretty new thing that.
Mooed78 · F
@SW-User exactly and walking after a float in a parade waving at each other 😂.
The specific act of adding coloring to beer is the dumbest thing of all
MethDozer · M
And cabbage. Don't forget the cabbage.
@MethDozer You know I have never had corned beef and cabbage in my life. I also dont know anyone who has lol
MethDozer · M
@Ozymandiaz You're people weren't able to feast on such delicacies until bonded into indentured servitude in Boston.
It's wonderful, isnt it?
@SW-User The best lol

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