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My confession of the day

[c=002673][quote]I often host dance parties in my kitchen while I’m supposed to be cleaning. I have a specific EDM playlist that I play (it slaps), and sometimes the dog comes and she’ll dance with me. Nobody else is invited. The last part is I cannot dance [/quote][/c]
Luckylu · 61-69, F Best Comment
I bet you can. I bet you are a star at it and just don’t want to show anyone up.

I have a playlist I titled “ Dance like no one is looking” my plan is to put on my headphones tuck my phone where it won’t come loose and fall out, turn on the playlist then boogie like a wild person while I clean house. I’m sure my daughter will think I’ve gone total bonkers and our cat and dog will probably go hide next to my daughter wherever she might be and give her sad and concerning looks hoping she will do something to stop the madness. 😜🤪🤣😳
Luckylu · 61-69, F
@SW-User Thank you for best comment.
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FreestyleArt · 31-35, M
I dance in my kitchen trying to learn new tricks of my own while wearing JBL Headphones. Cleaning the kitchen while Dancing
Please tell me you are aware of the [i]King of the Hill[/i] dog dancing episode...?
@SomeMichGuy There are many KOTH episodes but I don’t recall the doggo
@SW-User Check it out, you'll like it.

Hank becomes aware of it, thinks it sounds crazy, then tries it with La-a-adybird...
The good thing about EDM is that there is no right way to dance to it
calicuz · 51-55, M
It's ok if you can't dance, as long as you are enjoying yourself. 🕺
Lilnonames · F

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