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Slight hiccup

Back to exactly how things were, but i will be reading more. I just have no reason to get more to read at this point, there's enough for a Methuselah ... i just have to learn how to compartmentalize time, there's sleeping, reading and watching.

With Prime i can get back to that Brian Eno documentary, and there's a couple things on Joy Division and so much more, on Arrow there's lots of Japanese films i yearn to fit in. Nothing is as good as things you pay for, YouTube is hit or miss as is Internet Archive, and the other free services, there's not enough time for them. Time is money, goes the saying, and when that time is paid monetarily, it creates a blank slate.

An hour with good literature is like a second, this whole overnight time felt like just a few moments, i touched upon Vonnegut, Hal Bennett, Montaigne, Stalin bio, and George Eliot. The reading sprint i had on mute playing had a comment about the Eliot book i'm doing, how it's said that she was reading Balzac at the time, and whoa i thought, double wammy there, that it's aligning with my personal choice, and that i have Balzac, and all i need is concentration.

Next movie might be Gilda (1946)

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