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Will not be able to remain awake for much longer

This was a great reading day, and i'd like tomorrow to be even better. Almost done The Atlas by William T Vollmann, and got past the 60% mark in that horrific horror novel, might finish both tomorrow, or later today after a long sleep. I didn't have to pay back the 2 borrowed pills so with a nap earlier i've earned the right to double dose again.

A meat lover's pizza is cooking, as is my custom i take nighttime pills with food. Jonny the booktuber takes pills to sleep too, as his latest video featured, and he's reading a big honking biography on Fernando Pessoa. He commented to a comment of mine to him, and he shared some links to some old writing about his life. Very kind of him.

I cannot overstress the fact that there is SO MUCH to read, every day should be a major reading day, and yes i know shoulds get in the way of pleasure, but it is what i say from the guts when faced with the sheer volume of what there is, just acquired so far, how little i've read so far, and how much of the good stuff will need re-reads to get the appropriate amount of benefits from.

Daily also to watch bookish videos, and reviews, those podcasts i wrote about a while ago have been ignored sadly there might not be enough time for them a lot of the time.

Oh well, and then there's the audiobooks, i need to experience Shelby Foote's Civil War, and that Robert Caro tome The Power Broker. Where will i live when my folks pass, i always thought i'd go around the same time, but when i think solely of books i am forced to think of surviving somehow if only to keep reading. Cigarette cessation would up the chances of living with any of my relatives.

Take care folks, see you in 18 hours, 31 minutes and 19 seconds ......:)

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