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Put on a Blu-ray, or just keep reading?

The overnight time is upon me here, but i'm loving my reading, there's this 11 hour reading sprint video i got muted to look at while digesting what is being read.

The horror book is going well, but i have need of a break from it, there's just so much torture in it :( So some Vollmann is making everything better.

So much Vollmann, once i get The Atlas and Poor People read i might take up one of his longer volumes Europe Central.

But a Blu-ray movie would be nice, i could watch a yakuza, an anime, a Zatoichi, a Godzilla, a Bruce Lee, a Bergman, a Fellini, a Varda, a slasher, a silent film.

But it's work to arrange things up there, positioning the recliner just so, managing not to step on those sticky mouse traps, having sufficient pillows, a place for beverages, etc.

Looks like it'll be reading 🥳
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