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Correlation of Hindu Sub-religions

[b][c=003BB2]Correlation of Hindu Sub-religions[/c][/b]

Coming to the sub-religions of Hinduism, correlation among Advaita of Shankara, Vishishtaadvaita of Ramanuja and Dvaita of Madhva can be done:-

1) When Shankara came down, He was fully surrounded by atheists (Puurvamimamsakaas and Buddhists). The atheist will never agree to the existence of God other than himself and there is no other way in the case of the very rigid atheist than to say that he is God. Shankara gave three step logic:- i) You are God, ii) You exist and iii) Hence, God exists. The atheist was told by mouth that God exists, but then asked why is he not getting miraculous powers of God? Shankara replied that the practical effect of illusion (Vikshepa-mala) for a long time spoiled the mind and therefore, the mind shall be purified by worshipping God. The atheist converted to theist became the devotee also and his 100% ego started reducing. Shankara convinced His close devotees not to follow this false philosophy meant for atheists, by drinking molten lead saying that He alone is God (Śivaḥ kevalo'ham).

2) At this stage, Ramanuja appeared and propagated theoretical devotion to God making the above devotee strong with more intensified devotion. Now, the ego of the soul is reduced to 50% to understand a better truth. He told them that every soul is not God, but a tiny particle of God (Whole-Part relationship). The souls thought that it is better to accept this having taken a long journey from atheism. These souls continued their devotion to God and their ego was reduced to 1% only.

3) Finally, Madhva appeared at this stage and found the souls eligible to absorb perfect dualism with God. He told that any soul is totally different from God like the pot is different from the pot-maker. Any soul can become the servant of God at the maximum. The soul is settled as a servant of God and this is the ultimate fruit above which a soul shall never aspire and God may give any higher fruit as per His wish.

In this way, the three philosophies are subsequent steps in the spiritual path. Therefore, Shankara came first, then Ramanuja and finally, Madhva in the same sequence. Shankara is God Shiva and hence, told that the soul is God. In fact, Shankara is correct in the case of human incarnation in which God becomes the soul by fully merging with it. Ramanuja is Adishesha treated by God as His eye or hand. Part does not mean in the physical sense. A father says to his two sons that both of them are his eyes. Hence, Ramanuja told that soul is a part of God (Shesha-Sheshi sambandha).

He told that the soul is different from God but is inseparable from God. Unable to understand His comparative sense, ignorant people mocked at Him saying that by salvation, if the limb disappears, God will become handicapped! To avoid all this confusion, Madhva told that God and soul are completely separate items. Even though God and soul are made of the same awareness, this common point was neglected by Madhva. In fact, all the three divine preachers agreed that God and soul are made of awareness only. Awareness or Nirguna Brahman alone is God as per Shankara.

Such imaginable awareness or individual soul is not God because the imaginable awareness is born from food as per the Veda. Hence, you must say that such awareness is unimaginable awareness and not imaginable awareness or individual soul. Unfortunately, imaginable awareness or soul cannot exist independently without a container and this rejects the point that the independent God is imaginable awareness or individual soul. Ramanuja and Madhva selected God Vishnu along with His divine body as the ultimate God because all of us are in the state of maintenance and ruling of God. Since God Datta along with Parabrahman merged with God Vishnu, there is no trace of doubt to say that God Vishnu is God Datta or Parabrahman. But, this condition applies to God Brahma and God Shiva also. All these three Gods are Parabrahman only in mediated state and hence, there need not be any quarrel about the ultimate God.

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