Someone is using photos of mine or someone else I know

If someone on SimilarWorlds is using your photos or someone else's photos without permission or is pretending to be you or someone you know, you should report that to us.

If the user is using your own photos, please ensure you verify your account (only privately to admins is necessary). If the photos are of someone else on SimilarWorlds, verifying their account will help greatly. To verify your account, please see How do I verify my account?.

Once you have submitted your verification photos, or if your account is already verified, please Report the incident:

  • If the user is using the unauthorized photo as their profile photo, please Report their Profile.
  • If the photo is part of their photo albums, please locate the photo in the album, open it, and Report the individual Photo.
  • If the photo is used in a post or comment, find the exact post or comment that contains the photo, then please Report the Post/Comment.

If you are being harassed, harmed online, or intimate contents of yours have been already shared without your consent, please see - What do I do if someone is harassing me, or threatening to share intimate photos or videos of me?