How do I verify my account?

To verify your account,

  1. Go to your Account Settings.
  2. Locate the section named "Verify your Account".
  3. Press the button "Verify your Account".
  4. Please follow the instructions shown in the page.

There are two stages for verifying your account. Both stages are optional and each stage gives different levels of verification.

1st Stage - Verification with Face and Paper
The photo you upload will remain private. It allows you to recover your account in case you lost your email and password, so you can simply take a similar photo of yours, and we will match it with this one.

In the photo, you must hold up a piece of paper with the current Day/Month/Year, your Username and 'SimilarWorlds' written on it.

This photo will also be enough to prove your identity in case someone else is pretending to be you or using your photos, and you report that to us.
Remember: never share this photo with anyone! Sharing this photo would allow someone to be able to verify other accounts using your identity, by editing the date on the photo, or even use it to verify accounts on other websites.

This photo will not be included in your SimilarWorlds albums. Other members will not be able to see this photo.

2nd Stage - Verification with Public Photo
Your profile can appear as verified to others by taking another clear new photo of yourself, showing your face (no paper or gestures need to be included).

The photo you upload will remain public (until you choose to remove it). It allows users to know your real face to help validate your identity on SimilarWorlds, because we approved this photo as being similar to your photo with the paper. This photo must be different from the photo (holding paper) you took previously. If we can match the face in both of the photos, your profile will appear as verified to all users.

You can control the visibility of this photo, or even make it only visible to Staff.