Why has nothing happened to the user I reported?

Whenever someone submits an abuse report, we thoroughly analyze it and proceed with the best course of action based on a number of factors, at the time we are reviewing your case.

Please keep in mind that, depending on the specific situation, we may or may not proceed with an action for your specific report. For example, a user has a very clean past record and has been on SimilarWorlds for several years. There may be cases where we will take an action on their first report, but there may be other cases where we will not do anything against the user. If there was an incident between this user and another user, such a big argument on a post, we may not proceed with any action against this user, if we don't believe there is a reason for that, given the user's clean record.

However, we keep all reports against a user for future reference when dealing with that user again, even if we have provided feedback to all existing reports against the user. If a user is getting several reports in little time, or already has a large history of conflicts and incidents, we will then proceed with actions against the user.

There can be other factors, such as the report not having enough evidence or explanation.

If instead you are not happy with the action we have applied to a given user you reported, see Why has the user I reported only got a Warning instead of being Suspended?.