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I Believe In Universal Health Care

I was asked by a friend in a foreign country (I'm an American at an embarrassing time in our history) why anyone would vote for Trump and why Trump and his Republican Party want to eliminate health care. Here in part was my answer:

The Democrats believe that government is supposed to help people and they put the health care plan in place. The Republicans and Trump won the election and they believe that government should not provide health care, people ought to buy their own, and they don't like to pay taxes to support people who are poor or who don't have enough money to buy insurance or to provide social programs. They want to eliminate all social programs, turn to private industry and big business to run the schools (for profit), run the jails and prisons (for profit), eliminate the regulations under the Clean Air and Water Act because business does not want to be told they can't pollute, and provide whatever services people need (for profit). These are the same people who want to close our borders to foreigners, end federal aid for college students, and lots of other bad things. It has been a big fight in the US and unfortunately the selfish people, the rich and the corporations won the battle.
SusanInFlorida · 31-35, F
I dont see why my taxes and health premiums should go up to subsidize medical expenses for people driving nicer cars than me
Yes, that is precisely the self-interested position. I guess that is the same reason you don't buy auto insurance, or fire insurance, and will turn down unemployment insurance or workman's comp if you are injured on the job. The whole point of insurance is that we ALL pay a premium (a fee) into a pot of money that goes to those who get sick (health), whose car is in an accident (auto), who loses their job (unemployment insurance) or whose house burns (fire).... It doesn't really matter if you get sick, or you lose your job, or your house burns down that someone else has a better car than you. You are totally not understanding the point of insurance.
wow! you've got to stop watching and listening to CNN so're WAY off base...
Your opinion of CNN is hardly relevant to showing how exactly I am "off base" whatever base you think that is, lol.
@Humanist321: all I know by reading your post is that you certainly have a lot of "assumptions" listed...and most, if not all, come from the mainstream media that will do anything to promote bigger government...
donontario · 70-79, M
The problem, as I see it, was that Mr Obama didn't go to the single payer system. Fortunately I get to watch this trump debacle from the outside
I agree. Unfortunately real politics is an exercise in what is possible, not what is best.
donontario · 70-79, M
We find ourselves in a world where caring seems to have been left behind. What ever happened to all the people that marched to end wars and promote love and peace.?
sighmeupforthat · 46-50, M
how is that going to work really?

think about it. like a one government.

not all of us have the same needs.
getmeouttahere · 36-40, F
Wrong on so many levels......
brilliant response, so full of useful info on why it is wrong.
getmeouttahere · 36-40, F
Not really in the mood, maybe later I'll put some effort into it.

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