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I Admire Nurses

They are underappreciated and drastically underpaid, and I will never know how it is they are valued less than sportspeople!

I believe each nurse should get a 拢1000 bonus each month they are active in helping people with the CoVid19 pandemic.
They have an important job 馃彞
Silverwings61-69, F
Rutterman46-50, M
Couldn't agree with you more. They are vitally important in normal times, and even more so now.
Mahdkvp26-30, F
@Rutterman How could we start a movement to get them far better pay?
Rutterman46-50, M
@Mahdkvp I'm not sure, but maybe the recognition they're finally getting for the critical role they play in providing health care will help make that happen.
Mahdkvp26-30, F
@Rutterman Please God!
I agree completely, even with regular conditions it cannot be an easy job, you have to want to do it
They're not valued less than sportsmen. But sportsmen earn money through marketing for few years and only few sportsmen earn a lot. Most spoatsmen don't earn millions and live life like common prople. By that definition a single cardiologist should be paid millions coz they directly change people's lives.
But that doesn't happen as there's no marketing.
Mahdkvp26-30, F
@Thecarpenter No but there's life preserved, for lots of people!
@Mahdkvp you're giving baseless argument. Sportsmen/movie actors are rich coz people like you or me. Govt doesnt give them millions. Every time you see a movie, or buy a ticket for a game, you're giving your money to make them rich. A neurosurgeon earns more than the President of US. But a US president can earn millions from people using his political position and marketing.

Nowhere govt pays their employees excessively. Govt can't even pay soldiers a lot. You'll pay $500 to see a play in theatre, when was the last time you donated money for a better cause which actually aid medical professionals? You didn't. Most don't. :)
Mahdkvp26-30, F
@Thecarpenter I do! Cancer nurses charities
elbowsbehind46-50, M
I agree, at least 1000 GBP.
Everybody is underpaid today, except football players and Hollywood "celebrities."

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