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A UK dad's advice to a covid-19 vulnerable US daughter.

[quote][c=#BF0000][b]If you're fit and healthy or not in the US this may not apply. It may even be factually incorrect in part. But when my American daughter who's in the "vulnerable health" category asked for input on various activities this is the best advice I could give based on my own experience in the UK.[/c][/b][/c][/quote]

Do your regular shopping now pet. Online if you can. All hell broke out here a week or two ago when the lockdown started and regular healthy people got scared of going out shopping and started over-running the supermarket's home delivery services.

There weren't enough delivery drivers/vans/deliver slots to go round so the government's had to come up with an impromptu list of vulnerable people who can now get priority delivery slots. YOU probably don't have such a setup yet and even ours isn't fully functional so don't even dream about leaving it till you start running out. Shop [b]a minimum of a week in advance [/b]would be my advice. This is gonna last for quite some time and there's no telling what shortages may be in the pipeline for next week so best to have a week or two's buffer of everything.

I finally found some hand sanitizer on ebay but a search for "hand sanitizer" didn't show any. The way I found it was to Google "hand sanitizer images" first and make a note of a couple of brand names - then search ebay again for the actual brand name. I found several suppliers that way, albeit in small quantities. Don't forget though that hand sanitiser only really comes into it's own when you're on the go... at home proper hand washing is every bit as good and a damn site cheaper.

Re: shopping the old fashioned way...
If most people in the shops are wearing masks and gloves and they're being forced to keep a couple of metres apart [b]you might be ok[/b] going shopping - but please only do that as a last resort, and not at all if it's only mildly-inconvenient for a less vulnerable person to pick something up for you.

[quote]Is it safe to eat from a restaurant? [/quote]
[b]At a restaurant[/b] - no.
[b]Home delivered from a restaurant?[/b] - I think probably yes providing you handle the packaging safely. I imagine there's pretty strict rules about how the food is handled while it's being prepared and those rules will only have got tighter and more rigidly enforced in the last few weeks. Cold dishes from the same source might less-safe but I would have thought hot cooked dishes would be fine. I think we're a week or more ahead of the US and I've seen no mention of meals on wheels or home delivered hot meals being dodgy.

The thing I'm looking forward to most of all is not having to talk about it all the time. I can't wait to get pack to the relative peace and calm a good religious or political debate. 馃殌 馃榿

Dad 馃馃槏馃グ鉂わ笍
Dewkissedrose46-50, F
Sound advice. It may depend where she is in the US, but it鈥檚 already like that here. Some home delivery services are running weeks behind because people don鈥檛 want to go out.

I don鈥檛 go out because I鈥檓 in the high risk category as well. It鈥檚 scary as heck.

Be safe.
ThePerfectUsername70-79, M
I will Rose. You be careful too. @Dewkissedrose
MelanieUK22-25, F
if I can add to this the main Asda and Sainsburys Stores have large queues from early in the mornings but Aldi's and Lidl's are virtually walk right in this has been the case for almost all of the 2 week lock down so far so don't just go to the so called Brand name stores
ThePerfectUsername70-79, M
Good point Melanie, thanks. @MelanieUK
ThePerfectUsername70-79, M
Some really practical advice from the BBC on safe shopping:-

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