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Should I get my ankle checked out?

In August I sprained my ankle but I self diagnosed that. It still hurts me. Not as bad as it did in August but it still hurts to walk sometimes and I can’t sit in certain positions and I can barely do squats. Jumping hurts badly. And every now and then there’s a little swelling. And sometimes it seems like I have to pop my ankle back it place for it to stop hurting.
I’ve sprained my ankles quite a few times. The worst sprain took me a few months to recover, and I still don’t trust my ankles to endure the same activity. I wouldn’t want to risk it, getting injured really sucks.

Try massaging it and keep it elevated when you sleep, ice the ankle when you are able to rest.

Get it checked out if you think you should, though sprains take some time to heal.
kyky16 · 18-21, F
Thank you!! I’m going to do what you said and if that doesn’t help out anymore then I’ll go to the doctors [@420709,Antiquity]
I had heard that it takes longer for a sprain to heal than a break. Especially if you keep injuring it.

My knee pops in and out. Sometimes I need to put a compression bandage on it if the ligaments get too loose. I have seen an orthopedic doctor about it. I have weak ligaments. It's genetic.
NewBeginnings7790 · 36-40, F
You can have it checked out however there’s not much they can do for just a sprain. You would have been better off to have broken it. The best thing you can do is R.I.C.E.

kyky16 · 18-21, F
Yea I’ve been doing that since August. And I was in a physical therapy class last year and did stretches we learned for Sprained ankles and it’s hardly helped [@686846,NewBeginnings7790]
sexytannedgirl · 22-25, F
Ask for an x-ray to be sure it is sprained ankle.
Keaten · 31-35, M
You can check to make sure there isn't any hidden damage to it. You may have sprained it worse than expected. My sister sprained her ankle badly and it took some months to fully heal but it was alright after that.

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