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when you find it a big effort to go to the gym, what do you do

ive not been in over 5 months now, it was doing me so good to go do my swimming for an hour then come back home, but i deal with immense anxiety problems, due to ptsd...and it was always a huge challenge to go out in public and get myself over to the local gym, i felt nervous and panicked easily around young lads....felt closteraphobic in the locker rooms because they were confined and secluded......i felt self conscious because i was always big built....are bald...and just not very confident in myself..

i was also going the gym to manage my diabetes type 2...i was going the gym for years and lost nearly 3 stone...i was doing myself so much good, now i lost all motivation and stopped going....because it was a huge challenge for me....others do it easily and go to the gym and do what they do, because THEY'RE NOT DEALING WITH THE PROBLEMS I HAVE TO DEAL WITH.... thats was extra hard for me to get there.

and i never liked the loud boisterous behaviour of all the young school lads who went there, it used to unnerve me so much.

ive also gained weight again around my stomach area, which im down in the dumps about....

tell me, how can i get my courage back and get back swimming at the gym? i feel like ive failed.....and does anyone else find a huge effort to go to the gym?

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