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I’ve never been more thankful for the ability to purchase my prescription medication outside of the country…

Apparently there’s an insulin shortage?
How tf is there an insulin shortage?

I’m very lucky that while we were in Mexico right before thanksgiving my husband said “you’ve been having issues getting some of your ex’s filled maybe you should purchase some insulin and other necessary meds in case there continues to be problems”

And so I did
Purchase the insulin and thyroid medication.
If I would’ve thought of it sooner I’d have bought the unmixed amoxicillin too, as I had so much trouble getting that for my son when he developed an ear infection in December.

This is absolutely crazy 😩

I feel really bad for anyone who can’t afford their medication on a regular basis as is, or who can’t afford it at all and don’t qualify for any help from their state to get these life saving meds!”
Heartlander · 80-89, M
Just be careful when crossing the border back into the US. There's possibly a limit on how much you can bring across the border, so there's a risk of having some of it confiscated. Also check state laws.
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
@Heartlander I’ve never had an issue crossing the border and I always have my scripts with my medication

As a chronic illness sufferer i know what I need to carry and how

I’m aware of the laws and we only cross at one entry point. It’s always Juarez and again never been detained for any reason.
Heck the last time the agent said we made his day because he got to play with my bulldog through the window while we answered his questions.
Heartlander · 80-89, M
@KaysHealingPath Almost all of our Mexican border experience has been at the Laredo border and likewise it was positive. There was a time before the drug war when we felt comfortable walking back and forth across the border just to have lunch or dinner, or just to shop.

Practically all of our family there has left the area and moved to heaven, so less and less visits to the area over the past dozen years. Just gossip type awareness from friends and cousins of what life on the border is like nowadays.

I was also once a flyer in the Air Force and routinely cleared customs in various places over those years. I recall the trade law issue coming up once, I believe over a camera. Also numerous cases of confiscated alcohol. In general, if you want to cross the border with more than a quart, you should check federal and state laws for where you are going to land.
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
@Heartlander currently, through Juarez a max of 3 bottles per adult in any one vehicle.

We bring 6 back with us, most of which are gifts for special occasions and 2 we keep in our home
akindheart · 61-69, F
My doctor who is egyptian said I could buy anything over the counter in Egypt
Doomflower · T
Yeesh this is a terrible time
Funlov · M
So where do you go ?
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
@Funlov home. I get labs drawn, see my endocrinologist in Mexico and he gives me an rx to get filled at the pharmacy
Max41 · 26-30, M
They should stop exporting things from mexico .
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
@Max41 how would that solve the issue?
The insulin I purchased was produced in Mexico.
Max41 · 26-30, M
@KaysHealingPath that would tell americans the importance of mexico .

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