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I Love Long Hair On Guys

Well ladies who admits that they are long-haired guys lovers? ...I am, somehow guys looks very charismatic and attractive to me whith long hair :)
mayguy · 46-50, M
Is that still true almost 5 years later now? lol I ask because (for the first time in my life) I certainly have long hair. It sure helps in winter! ❄️🥶🌨️☺️
Jon2403 · 61-69, M
Back in the 80's i had really long hair and spent many years up on the famous Hollywood Sunset Strip and looked like a rocker and often got mistaken for one. but sadly i wasn't. but met plenty of women that thought i was, but these days i am bald and look back fondly when i did have long hair
JaneSerenity · 26-30, F
Nunlover ...Well ...nose and ear hair really doesn't count lol ...gotta agree ladies it doesn't suit every short hair doesn't suit every girl ^^
Sunshine · 26-30, F
It depends I guess, I have a friend (classmate) with hair down to his shoulders and I don't like it. Oh, he was so handsome when he was a Marine with very short hair.
ManicMicah · 22-25, M
I used to have long hair, sadly it was getting very greasy and getting caught in everything so I cut it. It went below my shoulders.
Jane ,what if I combed it all to the back of my head and did a pony tail thing?
Darci ·
Not always. Depends if it complements their features or not.
Flenflyys · 31-35, F
Depends on the guy but a long haired rocker look is hot
Amanda756 · 31-35, F
If he's good looking, yeah. Makes them look so manly to me.
My hair's pretty long, but I'm also pretty old.
cameron · 22-25, M
I've got long hair:) It's pretty fun
JaneSerenity · 26-30, F
Nunlover-Lol okay keep your cute moustache :D
Sunshine-Do you really think so or it was just your preference? I had classmate with longer hair too...he cutted it and the longer suited him better (objectively judged)
JaneSerenity · 26-30, F
You mean those two kind of hair pulled to ponytail? I would die from laughing :D But normal hair...on head pulled to ponytail is fine
Sunshine · 26-30, F
Jane, I think it's my preference. I like that Matt Damin, Matthew McConaughey kinda look. So handsome. I guess I am old fashioned.
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It actuly looks good ,almost like a handle bar mustache ,so cute lol
LoveChild · 26-30, F
I like clean shaved guys (young) with long hair (not balding).
Does nose and ear hair count if it's super long?
Thanks Jane ,I will ;)

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